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PPC Weekly Roundup 3/30/2007

This is the first I’ve heard that Google and Yahoo may be including SEO rankings and tactic history to PPC quality score…

A good post on things that seem to matter in PPC but don’t. Examples are average CTR, top spot, and # of keywords. They talk about competitors – not needing to see their bids or their keywords but don’t give a good or thorough explanation of why.

There’s a great blog on search engine guide about MSN turning off advanced query syntax in the search engine such as link:, linkdomain:, and inurl: that was causing “mass automated usage for data mining.”

Posted on Google’s blog, they are aware they’re not medical experts when it comes to health related searches. They’ve hired ‘medical experts’ to help find which health related ads are valid.

New Search Marketing Benchmark Guide 2005-2006 that top rank talks about. It’s great to be able to compare your accounts with the industry standard.

The flurry of chatter surrounding the announcement of Google’s Pay-Per-Action beta test must’ve gotten the Ad Word’s team a ton of email questions. So much so that they had to make a secondary post in their blog to make a broad-spectrum response!

While there have been other studies that have shown how ranking high organically and through paid search marketing can improve overall campaign performance, iCrossing has taken this research to the next level.

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